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Sales Terms and Condition ! Fine Shaper

Our Sales Terms & Condition:-

Minimum Order Requirements: -  No Minimum Order Requirement.

Payment Terms:- For new clients, our payment terms is advance remittance. However, we change the payment term to CAD or to credit period after having successfully done our business with the new clients for at least one year. All export shipments are subject to be in U.S. Dollars OR Euros. 
A) Payment By Bank Wire Transfer (Swift)
B) Payment By Western Union 

Performa invoice:- A Performa invoice will be issued upon receipt of your confirm order. Shipment can be "prepaid freight C&F" or "freight collect F.O.B" according to your
instruction. Shipment being sent by prepaid, freight will have the charges
added to the Performa invoice.

Shipping Methods:- By Air, By Ship, By Post office, By DHL/FEDEX

Packaging:- We take every precautionary measure to pack your order very well in a heavy weight container with sufficient packing bubbles to insure a safe ride to your home .

Delivery Periods:- Irrespective of the volume of our customers orders, we consign the stock items within 10-15 days, and the non-stock items within 21-45 days from the date of receipt of confirmed orders and finalized payment.

Stamps/Logo:- We stamp/Logo our products as per client requirements and as decided during the ordering process.

Sampling:- Samples can be provided upon payment of samples and shipping cost. If the buyer has a courier account number, we can use this to send samples.


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